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CDP Insurance Services, INC specializes in life insurance premium financing for the ultra-wealthy and mass affluent.

The typical high net worth client has amassed enough wealth that their estate will be subject-to estate tax, in some cases both federal & state.  In other cases, wealthy clients have gifting limitations involving trust planning.  Premium financing may provide a solution via smaller gifts of interest.  Estate equalization and charitable and inter-generational planning are other avenues affluent clients find premium financing useful.

Small business owners, executives, and young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of historically low interest rates by financing insurance premiums.  This allows them to secure valuable coverage now often taking care of the ‘what-ifs’ of the main breadwinner’s sudden or early departure.  Keeping cash flow for insurance coverage at a minimum by paying interest vs. premiums, allows these younger high-income earning clients to continue to grow their net worth.

CDP Insurance Services, LLC was started by Michael Moore CLU, ChFC.  Michael is beginning his 23rd year in the life insurance business.  Michael started his career with a small brokerage agency in Tustin, California running day to day operations and managing a 300+ agent pipeline o fbusiness.  He moved on to run the underwriting department for a large independent marketing organization responsible for processing thousands of life insurance applications annually.  Michael’s next position took him to one of the largest and oldest producer groups in the industry, where as vice president of sales and marketing, he was instrumental in reestablishing that group as a powerhouse in the life insurance industry.  His final stop prior to opening CDP was as the west coast sales vice president for the largest North American lender of life insurance premium.  In his seven and a half years expierence with that bank, Michael was involved in the funding of more than $300,000,000 of life insurance premium for the mass-affluent marketplace.


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